Wedding Venue in Kent

Welcome to our website, the Ideal Wedding Venue in Kent.

The video is a bit out of date but you will get an idea of the venue from it and I will work on a new one very soon.

Its changed a lot since the video above with the front now fully clad and the main hall having a few alterations. We are looking to constantly looking for ways to improve things so don’t be surprised to see changes every time you visit us. Our aim is to be the best wedding venue in Kent.

Ideally placed to host your Wedding day with our large main hall which accommodate up to 160 seated for a meal or 300 for the evening reception we are finding more and more people are booking dates with us.

Boasting a huge 7m bar, large stage for the DJ or band and open plan main hall we are your ideal choice of wedding venue in Kent.

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Shortly after a couple gets engaged not only do they get a million well-wishes but they also get the inevitable questions of when and where. Gone are the days where a couple would select the one wedding venue in their local area and then check that task off the wedding planning list. Since the number of wedding venue options seem to be infinite now, couples need to think about a wide variety of questions before the go ahead and select their particular one. Choosing a wedding venue in Kent might seem like a task consisting only of liking a space or not, but in reality there is way more to consider than that. We are here to help so please get in touch and have a look around.

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